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The Mueller report reveres the law. Using plain language, the Mueller report reinforces three American ideals: 1) the rule of law governs our country; 2) constitutional separation of powers forms the basis of our laws and 3) no one is above the law.

Volume I explained Russian crimes against the American electorate and examined whether a criminal conspiracy existed between the Russians and the Trump campaign/transition Team. Despite numerous contacts between Trump’s team and the Russians, the investigation found insufficient evidence meeting the high bar of criminal conspiracy. Personally, this finding was a relief; generally, I was impressed by the discretion exercised by many of the higher-level Trump staff.

However, Trump’s team’s naiveté was clear especially against the backdrop of the “sweeping and systematic” Russian elections attacks. The Russians exploited divisions among Americans to destabilize our democratic institutions. They favored Trump and Sanders and denigrated Clinton. The report estimates 126 million Americans viewed Russian disinformation via social media. For me, Volume I begs the question: How will the United States counter Russian election attacks in 2020?

Volume II described President Trump’s conduct during the investigation into Russian election interference and chronicled actions, written records, testimony, phone calls, texts and tweets from the president himself. This section discussed constitutional concerns alongside corrupt intent. I understood Mueller’s reasoning that a sitting president cannot be charged with a federal offense because it would irreparably impair his ability to govern but simultaneously the president must execute his powers free from corrupt intent.

Occupying his public executive branch role, Donald Trump’s conduct served his private interest to convince himself and the country of the legitimacy of his election. “To give some advantage inconsistent with official duty…” is to act corruptly. Mueller’s report embodies John Adam’s vision we are a nation of laws not men.

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Missey Dore