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Race relations will only change when white people want them to. Black people have done what they can.

So, what do white people do? As you read this list, know that you need to hit many of these points, not a few. Donate your money. Donate your time. Educate yourself. Be political in a well-informed way. Support social spending. This will take taxation and government spending. Vote for candidates who will heal the social fabric.

Reform the police: make them accountable, limit deadly force, support community policing, increase training a lot, make a national police registry, create mental health response teams, use cameras, create community oversight, racially diversify police departments, add more women to the police force, and use more social services along with police services, have police live where they work, and there’s more: Do an internet search for solutions to police reforms. All of these will take money.

I have only partially thought this out. I urge your readers to add to this list.

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Robert J. Werner