Regarding the Chronicle’s Sept. 8 editorial “Proposed e-bike rule a slippery slope,” sorry, that horse already left the barn; we are experiencing the slippery slope created when mountain bikes were allowed into places where we don’t want e-bikes.

The difference between e-bikes and mountain bikes is small. The e-bike’s motor doesn’t make it more damaging per mile; it just allows the e-bike to cover a few more miles. On the other hand, hiking is fundamentally different than biking. How can you say hikers are selfish if they don’t share the trails with bikers, and then shut out e-bikers? You can’t. The slippery slope started with mountain bikes and it won’t stop at e-bikes.

Remote areas that require multiple days to cover on foot can easily be accessed by bikes in an afternoon. A lot of places can’t handle this extra traffic. We should keep this in mind with areas like the Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo Horn. If we don’t want motorized vehicles in there, then we can’t start down the slippery slope of allowing mountain bikes in there.

Rob Gregoire