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How about a little love, empathy and maybe even sympathy for those among us who own and manage a small business?

We especially honor those owners and managers who are at present trying to keep their businesses viable despite pandemic lockdowns, closures and one-size-fits-all proclamations of local and state governments. These last several months have been the most agonizing and challenging for them and have tested their mettle.

The National Restaurant Association reported this month that 500,000 restaurants are in free fall and 110,000 have closed permanently in this country. With this in mind, can you blame Mike Hope of the Rockin' R for focusing on his bottom line and protesting having to close two lousy hours early? Those two hours could make the difference between keeping the R Bar open and losing it.

Of course he focuses on the bottom line. Who else is going to worry about the bottom line, how to pay employees and keep them solvent, how to pay the heat, the light, the supplies and don't forget the taxes? My sympathy is with him and other employers who are in dire straits. We need more respect and concern for small business folks, for they are the foundation of our free enterprise system.

Unfortunately this system seems at risk, since many have little regard for it.

Tom Tursich


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