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I fail to understand why mainstream media has abandoned telling the truth in order to promote their political beliefs. Are they purposely alienating half of America because they are stupid or under the illusion that they have something to gain? Every time I see a slanted story, a deceptive headline, East Coast leftist columnists polluting the Chronicle, unfunny political cartoons spreading hate, or important news not reported because it doesn’t fit their liberal narrative, I become angrier. Thousands of words dedicated to condemning cops for killing blacks but not a single word when a black man walks up to a 5-year-old white boy and shoots him in the head!

I’d love to see a non-politician debate between conservative advocates for a proud America and capitalism vs. liberals who feel our nation needs drastic socialist-leaning changes. It’ll never happen because liberals know they’d lose miserably! I understand the biased reporting because I compare thinking from both sides. A liberal, however, would never be caught dead listening to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, or Fox News because they’d fear awakening from the lies they’ve been fed.

This election has little to do with individual candidates. No matter who we vote for it all comes down to a battle that pits freedom, common sense, pride in our nation, a strong America, law and order, and a desire to further improve the economy so that it lifts all citizens vs. a vision of drastic change, history erased, violence condoned, culture cancelled, multiple special interests battling to tell you and I how to live, and increased taxes to support and pay for their asinine leftist impulses. (e.g. Allowing rioters to destroy our cities while expecting tax payers to cover the cost of their destruction!) If that makes any sense, I'm afraid you’re a hopeless liberal.

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Dan Klusmann