The editorial board's editorial on the Madison River seems to conflate issues on two separate portions of the river. I don't think this was done intentionally, but just for the clarification of readers who might not know--the "hoot owl" restriction proposal is for the Lower Madison (from the dam at Ennis down to Three Forks).

In some sense this would just be institutionalizing a practice that seems to happen almost every summer anyway these days (not to say I necessarily agree with the proposal. I haven't thought about it enough to have a solid opinion). This portion of the river is much lower grade than the upper river and has slower flows. The water gets hot in the summer and the summers are getting hotter.

The FWP proposal for limiting guided fishing was for the Upper Madison (I think they were focused on the portion below Quake Lake to Ennis). This is the "50 mile riffle" section of the river. The discussion on this portion of the river isn't about water temperature but is, instead, about whether or not it's too heavily pressured by anglers to maintain a healthy fishery.

In many ways, these are distinct fisheries with issues that should be considered separately. Presenting them together is a bit misleading.

Paul Swift