As a human being I am appalled at the way government and the media are acting. Any honest and informed person in America should easily be able to see the bias and lies going on today.

Whether you love Trump or hate him or are somewhere in between, you have to know as a human being that what the mainstream media and the left are saying is outright lying. Trump a racist? There is no way in this world this man is racist or white supremacist. His wife is from Nova Mesto, Yogoslav Republican of Slovenia. Trump is friends with many black Americans and Hispanics, etc.

He is president for one reason: He wants to make America better. He has lost money by being president. His daughter lost her company over his presidency. The wall he wants was pitched by Schumer and Pelosi not long ago. Listen, you do not have to believe me. Just I ask you search for yourself but try this for once in your life: Get all the information from hard fact that is supported by fact.

Leslie Ball

Three Forks