Like many, I'm interested in keeping Bozeman as much like it is as possible. We may not be able to build a wall around Montana to keep everyone else out but there are some things we can do to preserve what we have.

Why not implement some covenants that, as we grow, will help keep Bozeman looking the same? Why not enforce earth-tone colors rather than the gaudy bright colors that now seems to be in vogue with the current builders? How about doing more to protect our water? Runoff from the mountains and our ground water aquifers are limited in what they can produce.

Global warming is here and water is getting more precious every day. Does it make sense to keep putting in homes with lush grass and sprinkler systems? Shouldn't we be requiring new properties to be landscaped to minimize water consumption?

How about light pollution? Do we want all of these brightly lit buildings that are blocking out the stars at night? Haven’t developers heard of energy conservation and global warming? Since builders aren't preserving our town we need our local government to step in.

John Rounds