A recent Chronicle details the next level of risk in the ongoing undesirable activity at the Bozeman Library, i.e. the threat to "shoot up the library" by an individual and a gun hidden in an individual's coat.

I have lived in Bozeman for 20 years, voted for the new library, pay my real estate taxes to build it and support it. My wife and I use it frequently.

Over the past five years we legitimate users of the library have, to our dismay and disgust, experienced the intrusion on library facilities by persons who obviously have no intent of using it for its voter intended purpose. We have witnessed and been forced, along with the library staff to experience the gradual conversion of the facility to a shelter/warming shelter for the un-sheltered, un-washed and un-sober. This should not be and has never been the mission of the Bozeman library.

In winter, I have personally often been unable to find a seat in the sunny south window area that is not inhabited by a dozing/sleeping/reeking of booze "un-sheltered." I have seen young children take their mothers hand as these persons are passed, thereby implanting in their minds that this place is a scary place rather than a pleasant place to learn. I understand that there is already a permanent city police presence at the library and "incidents" with "un-sheltered" are common. Now comes the addition of the threat of a shooting and violence from this intrusive group.

So, now what?

A question for the elected city officials: What is the plan to deal with this situation and return the library to the purpose for which it was built?

You are, after all, elected to administer and plan forward.

Arlyn Selting