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Fuzzy logic, a generalization of standard logic, which can possess a degree of truth between 0.0 (absolute false) and 1.0 (absolute truth). Norman A. Bishop demonstrated this in his letter to the editor “Montana, the Earth need us to support ‘all’ life” (Chronicle, Sept 24).

He writes, “This November, I’ll be voting pro-life. Pro-ALL life, from algae to zooplankton, ants to elephants.” This sounds good but the devil is in the details, he either does not understand pro-life or chooses to misrepresent it.

He lists deadly choices he claims are supported by conservatives from the president, to Senate, to House of Representatives. There is no reference to actions by conservatives, just a generalized statement eliciting an emotional appeal, requiring this response.

Mr. Bishop states he is voting pro-life, yet the liberal candidates he cites are all pro-death. These candidates’ names are not listed in any pro-life voter guide. All three candidates are pro-abortion, not pro-life. The opposite of pro-life is not pro-abortion. The opposite of pro-life is pro-death. It may be a matter of semantics to Mr. Bishop but it is a matter of life or death to the child in the womb.

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Tom Beausoleil