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I am a legal and ethical hunter of elk, deer, and wolves but am unsuccessful as to the very abundant, very sly wolf. If I get a chance to shoot a wolf it will not suffer like an elk does in deep snow when a pack of wolves eats the elk's guts out while it is still very much alive.

A retired FWP biologist told me one wolf eats 11 elk per year in places where there are young of moose, deer, and antelope to vary its diet with; but in places where that food supply is not available, one wolf eats 20 elk in a year. Many Montana residents legally harvest an elk as their high quality protein supply for the year, one of the numerous benefits of living in Montana. I want some wolves around, but not as many as we have now. A balance needs to be struck by the top animal in the food chain — us!

When bleeding heart articles on wolves are published, why don't the authors cite what the baseline agreement was for numbers of wolves in Yellowstone at reintroduction so that readers have quantifiable numbers for comparison to the oversupply of wolves we have now? Could it be the intent was to never live up to the original agreement?

Tony Novotny


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