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Now that the adults are no longer in charge, Joe Biden is living up to his image as a doddering puppet. Those behind the curtain are directing our country’s destabilization and dive into the most radical, far-left government in history. Who will hold their feet to the fire?

High-paying energy jobs are being scrapped with no concrete plans for replacement. Uncontrolled immigration, human trafficking, and drug smuggling are about to exceed levels of the Obama administration. Our children are languishing and demoralized for Democrats’ incompetence and mismanagement of schools and COVID-19. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are ringleaders of the greatest circus in the annals of American jurisprudence, the second bogus impeachment of Donald Trump. The banana republic has arrived; the kangaroo court reigns supreme.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Speaker Pelosi answers to no one. Divorced from reality, the queen bee of American politics has her congressional drones flitting about indulging her every royal whim. From razor wire and troops protecting her warped perception of democracy at the nation’s capital, to the Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee’s delusional “We, the People '' Chronicle ad Jan. 17, Democrats nationwide are eating out of her hand. Moreover, obsessed with destroying Donald Trump, she is singularly responsible for the paranoia and hysteria gripping the country today.

Nancy Pelosi thinks “the American people” believe as she does. In fact, Democrats are woefully out of touch with grassroots Americans. They forget their “Blue Wave” was overwhelmed by Republicans' “Red Wave'' in November. However, with retreads John Kerry, Jen Psaki, et al, we’re reliving the nightmare of another term of Obama’s abysmal transformation of America.

Peter Arnone


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