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Currently, Montanans have the right to have a say whether or not the state adopts nuclear energy because of a voter-passed initiative that has stood since 1978 and was passed by 65% of the voters. This initiative (I-80) does not ban nuclear energy in Montana; rather, it sets stringent safety and liability requirements, but most importantly, it gives us, the voters of Montana, the right to decide.

Rep. Derek Skees, R-Kalispell, has introduced House Bill 273 in the 2021 Legislature. HB 273 “seeks to ease restrictions on nuclear energy development by removing a voter approval process from statute and pulling nuclear energy plants from the purview of the Major Facility Siting Act…” (MT Free Press)

Whether you are for or against nuclear energy arriving in Montana you better be darn sure you have a voice in it. If this Legislature believes they can erase the will of the people, now is the time to stand up for the right to have a voice in Montana’s energy future.

Alice Robison


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