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Every year, my mind eagerly brings forth my feelings, now 55+ years, the murder and subsequent loss to millions throughout the world, my all time and most important person of history, and what he wrote and meant for us, throughout my life, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Our times together, while short, have nevertheless forever been a feature of my life. His writing, teaching, speaking to thousands, caring for so many others in many ways and places, having stayed with us, encouraging us to do all that we could in times of active excitement, among my known and unknown, often working hard to hope my brain follows his lead. I know that I never spoke to friends or school kids about our history without emphasizing my understanding of Dr. King's impact on me and of course on them, on our nation and the world.

I am, needless to say, well past my prime now in many ways, but haven’t forgotten Dr. King, and his accomplishments, nor what I learned from him and the ultimate feeling when in his presence. I've also never forgotten our getting stink-bombed together but refusing to leave, as we watched and listened to Aretha Franklin and Harry Belafonte at a Texas musical arena. (We had walked to it from our nearby discussion room building.)

It has always been beyond my thinking, for me to not pay attention during any of the speaking or writing of anyone with information reminding me of some of Dr. King's words, family, difficulties as he went to jails, his connections on any written history.

After so many years, it's been a certainty, and not gone away. And I trust that it will continue to be for the rest of my days! And happily, for yours!

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Dan Lourie


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