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I was so excited to see the ICON Apartments being built. I knew they would be a little bit more expensive but thought they would help with the housing shortage for the average working people in Bozeman. But didn’t turn out that way.

Then came the Silver Creek Apartments and again, I thought that we would see some affordable apartments. Again, that didn’t happen. Now Bozeman has 456 apartments that only a select few can afford.

In case you haven’t looked into the cost of these apartments, let me give you an example. At Silver Creek a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom at 789 sq. ft. is priced at $1,650.00. At ICON a 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom at 719 sq. ft. is priced at $2,059.00. There is no way an average working person in Bozeman can afford that kind of rent. I make what I feel is a fairly good wage and there is no way I could afford either of these apartments. And why would I pay the amount of a mortgage payment for rent?

I fear that the rising housing costs we will eventually drive the working people out of Bozeman. I know if I did not have the place I live right now, I would not be able to stay in Bozeman.

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Terri Jones