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Just having read Emma Kardokus's letter about the hijacking of marijuana sales revenue into the general fund, if in fact this is the direction our legislators are going, it's up to everyone who voted for the measure to contact their respective reps and let them know that this is plainly wrong and do not pass it!

I don't care about party affiliation. Maintaining our outdoors is extremely important to everyone. So, on that note our Legislature should be developing a bill that creates a licensing/permit system for those people in Montana who use the facilities, woods, trails, etc. but don't contribute monetarily! Right now, it's hunters and fisherman's licenses who shoulder that burden, not hikers! And I'm not talking about money into local economy (the $300 Yuppie sticks that the imports seem to think they need to walk a trail).

It's time to make all users contribute. If you want to play, you have to pay — just like everyone else! Sounds fair does it not?

JR Woodward


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