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In this election season, let’s take a deep breath and think about the future of Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley. Find a vantage point with a bit of elevation. As the lights come on at night, just look at this place. Where does Bozeman begin and end? Are its boundaries visible?

There are a dwindling number of dark patches on the Gallatin Valley floor, and these are laced with street lights, car lights, and illuminated buildings—all of which underscore this simple fact: Bozeman is not an island. And how we think about our future depends foundationally on Bozeman’s relationship to the county. If we don’t want to think about this now, one thing, water, will force us to very soon.

Bozeman’s City Commission needs an understanding of both city and county planning issues. That is why we support Jennifer Madgic for a commission seat. Madgic has extensive experience with both county and city planning. Importantly, her approach to dealing with growth is conservation-based and her solutions involve actions to limit climate change. We need her experience and her vision on the city commission.

Bob Rydell and Kiki Rydell


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