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Our Legislature has moved very fast through with 2 areas of bills that are basically not logical and very emotionally charged. Guns, women's health care seem to be slanted either for or against.

Women's rights are not just in the corporate world, they are all over the world. Women ranchers and farmers, teachers and doctors are equal in their ability to manage their lives and businesses. There are 17 women presidents internationally, 400 women who run Fortune 500 companies and 250,000 women in our Armed Forces and we expect them to be able to make decisions on their own. Trying to diminish the ability for intelligent women to decide for their bodies is pretty sad.

But of course, now we can carry our guns everywhere and while we rely on good sense and responsibility of our college kids, let's be real!

Montana has ranked top ten in suicide for 2 decades. Depression is huge as our last year has tried all our patience. Gun related suicides are increasing with 60% of all suicides from guns. Look at the number of people who have moved here with no real gun knowledge.

Going to a bar with your gun seems like an accident waiting for a trigger. College campuses are rife with anxiety and depression. Alcohol and guns and are not a good combination, this is not a second amendment issue, this is a common sense issue.

Heather Hart


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