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Longtime Montanans will remember when we had some of the lowest utility rates in the country. But in 1997 Montana Power lobbyists rushed a bill through the Legislature (at the end of the session with no deliberation), to deregulate utility power in Montana. They did it to make their assets more valuable on the open market (privatization). Everyone was stunned as utility rates soared.

Fast forward to 2021 and Northwest Energy lobbyists are at the Legislature trying to shift almost two billion dollars of costs back to ratepayers so their stockholders can get higher returns — and they want us to wear ties while they strip us again.

Senate Bill 379 will be another disaster for hardworking Montanans and their utility costs. Don't be stunned again. Make your voices heard or we will all wear ties to the ratepayer’s funeral. Call the Legislature now.

Billie Warford

Martin Whitmont


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