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I have been amazed and angered at the number of insane bills that have come out of this year's Montana legislature. It's got to be a record for bills that are intended to fix a problem that doesn't exist.

Take for example the most recent one that was talked about in the April 20 Chronicle. The headline story in the Big Sky section of the governor signing election related bills. All very unnecessary and suppressive. Including eliminating same day registration which was passed handily by a vote of Montanans in 2014. I wonder how they can change something Montanans voted for.

These are intended to fix a problem that doesn't exist and it appears that the governor agrees because he said, "Montana has a long history of secure, transparent elections, setting a standard for the nation." Then he signed the bills. Really? Aren't there plenty of real problems they can be working on, like a dress code?

Vicki Young


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