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It was the best of times, the worst of times. The city government has made it clear without condition that it is at war with poverty. Unfortunately, the city’s vision for eradicating poverty is to quietly push out the poor and desperate masses to make room for America’s outdoor loving remote workforce. They assure us they are tackling the issue, and as my property taxes rise I have to wonder: Where is that money going?

They make clear their dedication to making Bozeman an “inclusive” “progressive” bastion of the west by painting crosswalks and checking all the boxes. But when it comes down to any sort of action they leaving us wanting. The drum beat of gentrification continues as the trailer parks are bulldozed and the high rises erected. The middle class people like myself mostly look the other way as long as we get to check Zillow and greedily tabulate the equity.

But I ask sincerely to the woke residents around me: Can’t we all win, without making the stakes for losing so high? How can we continue to look the other way as more and more Bozemanites are living in cars and tents? I do not expect the city government to come up with an answer as there is no profit in it for them. Can we do better?

Arthur Sainsbury


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