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Dear Gov. Gianforte,

Unfortunately, the wolf is our only natural (biological) control over Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The disease is out of control and incubating within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) and Yellowstone National Park as we speak.

We need more wolves to protect (cull) the Elk & Deer populations infected with CWD prions; in order to save the entire herd. Only the wolf, with her keen sense of smell, can detect this “man made” disease early on. Put her to work!

Once infected, normal grooming behavior (licking) quickly spreads the disease to the next elk. In this way, CWD has already decimated the elk herd of Wind Cave National Park. (Said Cam Sholly at a town hall meeting in West Yellowstone).

Buffalo are immune to CWD prions and are displacing the elk as the dominant species on the Mammoth Parade grounds. Go look!

Official denial is the first traditional response to pandemics. CWD prions, a pandemic among the elk, are like a virus, invisible to the senses until symptoms appear two years later, and are always fatal. Unlike a virus, CWD prions can resist desiccation, freezing, and can lie dormant in soil for years, discouraging repatriation of new species.

Do something.

Robert Lindstrom

West Yellowstone

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