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In a recent letter to the editor, the writer condemned a new Vietnamese food truck here in town for “blatantly exploiting” Vietnamese food and culture, lamenting that the new food truck might be acceptable if it “was run by a Vietnamese chef or a local who trained under a Vietnamese chef and came from a place of true appreciation and understanding of Vietnamese culture”.

I don’t know which is more disturbing: the letter itself, or that the Chronicle ran it.

Taking the writer’s sentiments to their logical extreme, the argument could also be made that only Italians are capable of running an Italian restaurant, and that only those who play tennis should be allowed to sell tennis rackets (or tennis shoes, for that matter). Would the writer be on board with a requirement that every Starbucks franchise in Vietnam be managed by an American, unless a local could demonstrate “a true appreciation and understanding of American culture”? I doubt it.

I am not speaking for or against the Vietnamese food truck in question. The food may be delicious; it may be awful. It may be authentic Vietnamese food, or it may be as close to authentic as Taco Bell’s menu is to Mexican food. It doesn’t matter. The fate of the food truck should be left to the market place, not the editorial pages.

Katie Sylvis Atkinson


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