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The biggest problem I have had with the COVID virus infection is a lack of discussion that is based on science instead of emotion. I would like to provide some numbers for your consideration. The two year period from January 2020 till Jan. 4, 2022 produced the following totals. Total confirmed infections 57,300,000. Total deaths 829,000. Undoubtedly a large number. However it means nothing unless we put it in perspective. The third number is our population 321,000,000.

Let me put it in percentages. Confirmed infections are 18% of our population. Deaths are 1.5% of infections. Deaths are also .26% of our population. That means that the odds of dying from viral infection are extremely low. I do not fear for myself or those whom I love. 66% of my family has had COVID-19 and are well. We are all vaccinated and are doing fine. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones.

More numbers. Deaths from heart disease 2021: 659,000

Deaths from cancer 2021: 599,600

Deaths from COVID-19 2021: 414,500

To my fellow citizens. Treat this infection as we have treated others in the past. This infection is not the fault of anyone. Due not turn this into a divisive emotional debate. We are truly in this all together. No one person caused this infection and no single treatment is going to make it go away. The most important thing is to set an example for our children. Show them how to respond to world issues. Show them what risk assessment is because they must do that the rest of their lives just as we have done.

Do not instill fear but do instill knowledge. In the annals of future history it will only be a footnote. What future students will study is an example of how not to handle an infection.

Douglas Mawhinney

Gallatin Gateway

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