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I recently read with interest the front page article on the “Glampground” controversy proposed on the floodplain on the Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway. My wife and I experienced three “100-year floods” in Estes Park, Colorado in 1976, 1982 and 2013 which resulted in over 140 lives lost and tens of millions of dollars lost due to property damage. Canyon roads were almost completely washed away and people and property were lost forever never to be found.

If the developer of this property entertains the idea that he will have the warning and time to remove his portable lodgings as well as give ample warning to his guests to leave the property in case of high water or a flood I would suggest that he review news articles on the above floods I mentioned. In the event of high water or flood, everything in the area or on the ground of the low lying area will be downstream or buried. In the case of the 1976 Big Thompson flood in Estes Park, 11 inches of rain fell in the night, in total darkness at the top of the canyon which essentially washed everything in it’s path out the bottom of the canyon 28 miles away including homes, concrete bridges, automobiles and unfortunately many people.

Having seen the damage which water is capable of and having worked to assist those impacted by these tragedies we are believers in the power of high water.

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Gary Shanafelt


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