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Now that the Montana primaries are over, we can roll up our sleeves and prepare for the midterms. If ever there was a time for Americans to do their homework, it is now. If ever there was a time to throw the bums out of office, it is now. If ever there was a time to expose the Democratic Party for their lies, hypocrisy, and suppression of the truth, it is now.

From Washington, to Helena, to Bozeman, the Democratic leadership has turned our country upside down. At the federal, state, and local level, they’re all on the same team. With all stars Biden, Pelosi and Schumer racking up record-making failures, no one in America is untouched by their willful efforts to undermine our country and transform it into a third-world nation. A nation not of, by, and for the American people, but a nation under a Democrat-controlled government subservient to an international agenda of unelected elitists. Their “Great Reset” agenda is contrary to our nation’s freedom and prosperity. It is an ideology disconnected from reality and common sense; an authoritarian, dictatorial ideology which has brought, and will continue to bring, misery to everyone.

In a year and a half, gas prices have doubled under Joe Biden. Why? Democrats have choked off domestic oil production. Everything you buy, especially food, is more expensive because everything is delivered by truckers paying sky-high prices for diesel. Democrats could care less. Their so-called “existential threat” of man-made climate change is more important than you and your daily necessities.

It’s very clear. Every failure of the Biden/Democrat administration has demoralized and degraded our country — politically, economically, and culturally. But perhaps most dangerous, the Democratic Party has rendered the defense of the United States more vulnerable to our enemies than any time in our history.

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Peter Arnone


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