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I feel at times like I am “beating a dead horse,” but on the other hand “repetition is the mother of learning." As predicted, COVID-19 cases are up 47% in the past 10 days and over 99% are in the unvaccinated population, mainly in red states. The United States, as usual, likes to be #1 and with over 4 million deaths worldwide, we lead in deaths with over 600,999 and counting. Montana, always willing to stand out, leads in suicides, is near the top in alcohol problems and car accidents and is 36th in fully vaccinated at 43.51%. Our situation is relatively stable from the quick response to COVID-19 by former governor Steve Bullock, et. al. Fortunately, most people survive because of my Dad’s favorite saying, “(Expletive) will do for brains when you are lucky”.

People like Matt Rosendale, with the loyal help of Fox News (Tucker Carlson makes me ashamed to admit my Scandinavian heritage) are busy distracting us with “the big lie”, pushing CRT (those who ignore history are forced to re-live it) and made COVID-19 a political football telling us we don’t need the vaccine or need to be careful to protect others with masks, etc. The Delta variant is the current and more deadly strain, and the pandemic is far from over.

Unless you are over 80 or a student of public health, you just have to believe epidemiologists like Fauci that immunization is one of the most successful health achievements of the 20th Century.

Jerrold E. Johnson, MD


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