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Sen. Daines and Gov. Gianforte have been complicit in every step of Trump’s relentless assault on American democracy. They helped cover up Russia’s attack on our elections, their bounties on our troops, and their sweeping cyberattack of our government. They helped block witnesses at Trump’s impeachment trial. They approved as Trump trashed our FBI and CIA and then pardoned traitors and war criminals. They slathered him with praise that would shame a North Korean newscaster.

But they saved their worst for last. Daines and Gianforte, along with Matt Rosendale and Tim Fox, joined the GOP sedition caucus trying to overthrow the election. For months they spread election fraud lies that incited the MAGA mob to violence. Then, as the whole world watched, their mob ransacked the Capital hunting for lawmakers to kill and beat an unconscious policeman, in full uniform, to death on the Capital steps.

Now, with truly mind-bending shamelessness, Daines and Gianforte plead that we “move on” and insist that holding anyone accountable is just too “divisive.” But it’s not unity for the country they desire, it’s impunity for themselves. Well good luck with that, because unless their next coup attempt succeeds, the GOP lost control of the Senate and White House. They can no longer block investigations and hide evidence, and they can no longer ignore subpoenas, intimidate witnesses, and obstruct justice. That’s all over now.

Soon, the wretched details of their betrayal of America will pour forth in hearings and investigations. Future generations will remember their names because, like the terrorist Einsteins who stormed the Capitol, Daines and Gianforte conveniently recorded their complicity for history. No one will be confused about who stood for democracy and who knelt before Trump at the moment of truth. I don't envy them having to explain that to anyone’s grandchildren.

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John Mills