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Senior citizens have shared the brunt of the COVID-19 outbreak with an overwhelming number of deaths in our group. Individuals 65 and older are more than 90 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than individuals in the 20-29 group.

CDC vaccination guidelines place individuals in the 65 and older group in the Phase 1B — yet Gov. Gianforte has arbitrarily excluded those of us in the 65-70 age group from getting our vaccinations in Phase 1B — exiling us to Phase 1C — which isn’t looking to get started until next fall.

We are the ones who have self-isolated for the past 10 months, we are the ones who spent Thanksgiving and Christmas alone, we are the ones who have not seen our children and grandchildren for over a year — and what is our reward for being responsible? Go to the back of the line. Spend another 8 months in exile — even though we don’t have that many years left.

COVID 19 has clearly shown that senior citizens are the “throw-away group” — our society does not respect our contributions that have enhanced the American way of life. We are the ones who have worked for 50 years, and these are supposed to be our Golden Years — finally getting to retirement — and what is our reward? Go to the back of the line.

DJ Peterson


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