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The pandemic has been particularly devastating to our exceptionally talented local Bozeman musicians who depended on live performances for income. It is almost impossible for the local musician to draw an income by solely penetrating the large digital corporate world of music streaming.

One problem is, there are no longer solid ways to sell merchandise, CDs, albums. A business that could help is a local CD, album, merchandise fulfillment company. How this works is musicians post their items on their own websites, the fulfillment company would take orders from the individual websites, send the items out, negotiate the payment, and take a percentage per sale. Each musician would be responsible for getting their own fans, friends and family to their own website. The fulfillment company only fills the orders.

Bozeman loves live entertainment and we have many aspiring musicians. I think the best we can all do is try to keep our local Bands, musicians, singer-songwriters here in Bozeman. If people started buying hard copies of music again then this would stimulate other music businesses, such as recording studios and studio musicians, CD and album manufacturers, etc. But most importantly it would booster the income of the musician and keep them producing music which we desperately need right now. We need to think “out of the box” for a new business model for musicians. Could venues have small audiences with a variety of performers throughout the day? Could venues have “drop-in” performances throughout the day?

Bozeman has a strong infrastructure for music to be a viable job producing entity, we need musicians to make that happen and they need to eat.

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Sharon Iltis