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My name is Lei-Anna Bertelsen, and I am a candidate for Bozeman School Board Trustee. K-12 public education is my passion.

I am a former classroom teacher of 17 years. Currently I am a facilitator for the non-profit group Illustrative Mathematics, where I facilitate teachers around the country to implement new mathematics curriculum. My three children have attended Bozeman Public Schools (two still attending!), and we have been an active part of the Irving, CJMS, Sacajawea, and Bozeman High school communities.

Public schools are in the midst of a crucial time as we face the pressures of a long year of education in a pandemic, community growth, and funding stability. I understand public schools inside and out, and I want to safeguard the educational excellence that has defined Bozeman Public Schools for decades.

Here are some of my priorities:

Leadership: This year we will hire a new superintendent. I was part of the recruitment process for our new chief of police, and that experience that will help me hire our next school leader. I intend to look for someone who can build relationships of trust and transparency with parents, teachers, and students. I have seen time and again that if we whole-heartedly support educators, student success quickly follows.

A rapidly-changing world: Growth in Bozeman will impact the schools in many ways, and we need to engage thoughtfully on issues of affordable housing, equity of resources and access to them, and the inclusion of many voices in the decision-making process.

As an educator, parent, and volunteer, I am committed to the core purpose of the district’s long range strategic plan, which calls us to “provide an outstanding education that inspires and ensures high achievement so every student can succeed and make a difference.” I hope to earn the privilege to serve.

Lei-Anna Bertelsen


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