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The lamentations and frustrations about wolves may be misdirected and don't reflect that 1) Montana's guides leading conga lines of horses sagging under the weight of Connecticut bond traders and horn hunters deplete his elk protein supply with abandon every season 2) Modern day hunters rarely go deep, scentless and quiet. Killing an elk isn't turning on Netflix. 3) The whole country "owns" wolves on federal land and, it turns out, actually pay more than we Montanans for the real estate wherein the elk and wolves duke it out for survival.

I am a retired gun and recurve bow hunter and the anti-wolf people sometimes sound like they got "the wrong guy." Get in shape, go deep, push back against the Guide/Industrial complex that depletes our elk, and remember we are actually subsidized on much of the land we hunt on by our fellow American taxpayers. And good hunting!

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William Jones


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