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We hear a lot of talk and read a lot of editorializing lately concerning CRT — critical race theory. This dangerous theory that may undermine American society as we (read: those who fear it) know it.

Meanwhile, a yet unnamed acronym actually is imperiling our society as we all know it.

TRM — transmission, replication, mutation. COVID-19 has been the factual and deadly juggernaut that has been chugging along relentlessly while so many worry about "wokeness" and its dangers.

Interesting the evident inverse relationship folks who concern themselves with CRT have with TRM.

Maybe instead of the "boogey man" fears of "wokeness," those fearing theories might consider waking up and realizing that an actual monster — this virus — has killed more Americans than the entire population of our neighbor to the south, Wyoming.

Or continue on as we are, finding imaginary problems and hiding from reality. After all, it's our right to do such things.

In the meantime, continued transmission (of which the delta variant of SARS Covid-19 excels at) will lead to mass replication, which in turn keeps the mutation time bomb ticking.

Wake up and realize that personal rights do not trump civic responsibility. Or not.

Tim Weiss


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