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Women's civil rights are rapidly being dissolved, and my only hope is that women much younger than I are paying attention. It seems that pregnancy is always the women's/child's fault no matter what her age. A preteen who agrees to get into a car to search for a lost puppy; a teenager who might have a promise of love and perhaps, a better future; an adult who cannot bear the thought of another child to feed but had unprotected sex. Men say things like, “she came willingly; she was dressed provocatively; I bought her drinks and dinner; it's her job to protect herself; she asked for it." These words seem to absolve them of all responsibility.

Men have historically avoided unwanted children by abandoning families and pregnant women; that's their idea of unplanned parenthood. Imagine a law that says they can't do that. A law that says that any child accidentally conceive is their responsibility forever. Just try to imagine that becoming law. This is not so much a debate on abortion vs. right to life as it is on a debate on subservience vs. power. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months, after that time span they are on their own.

It's difficult to have a coherent, serious debate with people who believe "consensual rape" is a real thing, but we must try. Please, my young friends, pay attention. Thank you.

Mattie Whitehouse 


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