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I was raised in a conservative, Christian household and attended a conservative, Christian university. I'm also a gun owner. During my 4 years of college neither I nor any of my friends ever felt the need to carry a gun to class. Or anywhere else on campus.

Is there that much crime at MSU? Or in our restaurants and bars? Do we have a bunch of John Wayne wannabes in our state government? The Second Amendment they so often tout has 27 words. Why are they only concerned with 4? "Right to bear arms." I'm all for safe, responsible gun ownership but recently passed legislation seems like a solution in search of a problem.

If there are so many bills in the current legislative session that up to 20 are being heard in a single day (BDC 2/23), why isn't the legislative session longer so the bills can get proper consideration? Or why is it only in session for 90 days every 2 years? That may have worked in the early days of statehood, but maybe it should be changed to every year if there is so much that needs to be done.

Also, why do we need the state's permission to solve local budgetary issues? What would happen if we just went ahead and started charging a tourist tax?

David Divis


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