Those participating in the Democrat primary were denied a rallying cry on Monday night. As theories of rigging and hacking circulate about the Iowa primary, it is important to also note that a turning point became blurred, rather than accentuated, with the delay of a result. Historically, the Iowa primary has been an opportunity for left-leaning voters to start coming together behind a singular candidate.

I do not remember a time in politics when the country did not know the name Obama. The first presidential election I was eligible to vote in was 2016. However, we all should be reminded that in January of 2008 Obama made "Yo Mama" jokes about his odd name. It was not until the Iowa primary that the country began to pay attention. President Obama has pointed to winning Iowa in 2008 as his favorite night in politics, beating the night he won the presidency.

I am exhausted. There has been no "off-year" during the last four. For me, Monday night felt like the moment I might set my sights on a vehicle of hope, rather than having my head on a constant swivel trying to guess who America found "most electable."

My ask for those who are as tired as myself is to keep our eyes open. There will be a moment when our cheers could inflate a sail, a moment when we could look in one direction for change. Our next president will not point to the Iowa primary as their favorite night in politics. However, that does not mean that the moment is not coming. I do not know what it will look like, but I believe I will feel it. Let us remain optimistic, rather than frustrated, so we do not miss it.

Andie Creel