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It's one thing to hold political displays or rallies to show your support for a political candidate, but the parades of loud, polluting trucks with Trump flags going through downtown Bozeman are behaving badly.

Sounding horns loudly, blowing black diesel smoke, and doing burnouts (spinning back tires while braked to create a large cloud of toxic black rubber smoke) on Main Street is not really attracting anyone to their candidate. It's more likely that, knowing Bozeman's voters are majority blue (Gallatin County is, too), they are making a scene on purpose to harass locals and provoke anger.

People on the streets downtown or working in establishments are subjected to heavy amounts of unhealthy smoke and a loud cacophony. My pregnant wife works downtown and would like you, Trump supporters, to please stop, for the health of our residents. Exhibiting bad behavior is doing nothing to advance any political agenda. It makes all Trump supporters look bad, and to be frank, devoid of civility.

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Joseph Jacobs