Congratulations and thanks to those letter writers telling the truth in response to foolish letters which praise our criminal president.

It’s more than hard to belief that while Trump daily proves beyond any doubt that he is a liar, a crook, a racist, and a mysogynist and the all time worst, most pathetic mistake for a president, people are writing to brag about sharing his values. It’s even been implied that supporting Trump and his malevolence makes one a better American.

It’s good that we can also read to the contrary. The NY Times’ Frank Bruni reminds us that, Trump is “unabashed, unapologetic and out of control, that his rottenness is out in the open...on the surface for all to see.”

TImes’ Nicholas Kristof recently said, correctly, “Trump is callow, reckless and indifferent. What he has done in Syria is not foreign policy. It is vandalism...This is where incoherence and inhumanity converge.”

Trump’s continual criminality is counted in one aspect by his lies, the Fact Checker’s list of false or misleading Trumpisms. Over 993 days in office, 13,435 lies were recorded, increasing significantly his use of “exaggerated numbers, unwarranted boasts and just plain old falsehoods.” Now with Ukraine president issues and wanting to investigate Joe Biden, the numbers have increased. (Fact Checker)

David Leonhardt from the NY Times has written that Trump and cronies are “enriching themselves via his presidency, spending taxpayer dollars for their own benefit, accepting sweetheart deals from foreigners and harnessing the power of the federal government on behalf of their businesses. Leonhardt reminds us that “there is a word for this: corruption.”

He writes that the corruption became so widespread that it was time to make a list, and he did - a long list to research on our own within Leonhardt’s NY Times.

Dan Lourie