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At a time when there is much finger pointing and lambasting going on due to differing opinions regarding the decisions made by federal, state, county and city as to how and what should be done, recommended, said or put into directives that are close to law where in the possibility exists someone will be fined, at the least, all regarding the current health issue facing the U.S. and many countries around the globe, for the Chronicle to post the cartoon that it did today, May 15, shows that they believe this cartoon is a good one at this time.

Said cartoon only promotes division and fear and shows complete disregard for civil discourse. In fact this cartoon encourages those who do not wish to question any decision by above mentioned governing bodies to spew more anger or meanness on those who do have the audacity to question some of the directives.

Yes, we do have freedom of speech in this country as evidenced by many letters to the editor, which include hate talk for anyone disagreeing with the writer. But at this time why post a cartoon that is an ugly portrayal of those who disagree with the enforcers or those even trying to "get it right." It also promotes fear of "the other." Hitler used this tactic to silence his opponents. Promoting fear is irresponsible journalism.

Thank you, Kay Van Norman, for your letter to the editor. There are too few voices of reason at this time. I wish there were more like yours.

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Carolyn Hopper