You can choose to believe the hype of the management of ratepayer-subsidized-investor-owned-monopoly NorthWestern Energy.

However, Larry Fink, president and CEO of the world's largest money management company, BlackRock, says he would not invest $1 in what a company like NorthWestern is proposing as a 20-year energy procurement plan. Not $1.

Mr. Fink is divesting BlackRock's $7 trillion of capital (that's trillion with a "T") from fossil-fuel related stocks, especially coal. He predicts significant global reallocation of capital, based on the evidence of climate risk, away from companies with management philosophy's like NorthWestern Energy.

Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway is one of the most successful investment companies in history. Their subsidiary, MidAmerican Energy of Iowa, serving 780,000 customers, has invested heavily in wind-energy and is poised to be the first investor-owned utility to supply its customers 100% renewable-sourced energy.

These companies accept the realities of climate change and their fiduciary responsibility, a responsibility NorthWestern Energy and the Public Service Commission seem to be irresponsibly neglecting.

You, the ratepayer, have a choice. You can be put on the hook for 20 years of polluting power and a future bail-out or you can sign the petition to put Citizen Initiative 187 on the 2020 ballot. I-187 will mandate a comprehensive renewable energy policy for Montana, moving us to a minimum of 80% renewable energy by 2034. This initiative will lower your energy bill and put in place pension and job retraining protections for our neighbors in the fossil-fuel and railroad industries.

Take power into your hands. Go to Help put this initiative on the ballot.

Steven Douglas Neff