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This is a reply to letter calling or the demilitarization of our police department.

If you would bother to read the Chronicle article of Oct. 6, 2016, concerning the BearCat vehicle, you would find that: “The city accepted a Department of Homeland Security grant for $253,537 to pay for the vehicle and training.” Funny that the Chronicle put that fact as the very last sentence of the article. It’s always best to know the facts before complaining about some preconceived problem that doesn’t exist.

With this valley's unrestrained projected growth (no thanks to the county/city planning commissions) crime will increase proportionately. Do you not agree with that? No amount of rose-colored glasses are going to change that. It’s reality.

So the police department and sheriff's department will need all the assistance they can get. Blaming a hunk of metal and rubber for some social woes is absolutely ludicrous! Let’s ask a question: I’m betting you are of the “defund the police” group. Great. You have your opinion, so do I.

Now, when you get in a jam and your life is on the line and you call 911 and are put on hold because of lack of operators, or the next available policeman is an hour away because they are all busy with other calls, looks like you’re out of luck or you take care of the issue yourself. Then who’s to blame for the slow response time? Knee-jerk policy making is a very bad way to administrate. The Bozeman Police Department did not kill George Floyd, so it’s time everyone stop pretending they did!

If a BearCat scares you and keeps you up at night worrying, then you have the right to relocate to a place that doesn’t have one.

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CW Stoddard