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Reference the Chronicle's recent article, "Black Student Union asks MSU to sign pledge." I'm asking myself why are we not seeing Native American, Hispanic, and white student unions coordinating on this effort? If this is an honest effort to prevent racism by formalizing policy, why is there only one race involved? By naming one race and not others in an anti-racism project it seems to highlight division, and not unity. Why aren't we seeing, "The MSU Student Union asks MSU to sign pledge?" How does an exclusively "Black" student union appear to promote racial unity? I'm confused.

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey recently hosted a program against racism. She started off with the statement, "There's something you white people need to understand." Well, let's put the shoe on the other foot. Had a famous white billionaire started a televised discussion with, "There's something you Black people need to understand.” I think the cries of racism would have been deafening! "There's something we all need to understand" would have gotten the meaning across without fanning the flames of division. Racial division is tearing our country apart right now and we don't need more of it!

We have become so over-sensitized and so quick to judge at the simple use of a word of color, be it Black, white, red, or yellow, that the next word we use is usually, "versus." This can only lead to further distrust, accusation and division. Just who do we feel is responsible for the unrest, rioting, looting and destruction of private property across the country? Is it "us"? No, it's "them!" Where's the unity when these feelings persist?

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Mark Elliott

Gallatin Gateway