Sometimes Bozeman just doesn’t know when to quit. I remember when Costco was planning on putting in a gas station. Because of all the hoops Bozeman made them jump through it took several years to get the station approved and completed.

Winco pulled out of their original plan to build here and went to Helena instead. I have heard recently that they are trying to come here again. I have no doubt that the city of Bozeman will put additional roadblocks in their way.

I really think the people who decide what is built in this town are schizophrenic. They do everything they can to prevent certain businesses from building here for who knows what reasons. Yet, the people on the architectural board approve some horrible designs in this city.

Take the two new buildings on the corner of College and 19th for example. How about the building on Grand and Main across from First Interstate. Then there is Chief Joseph School that looks like it was built from old shipping containers.

Costco was supposed to start construction on their addition last spring. Then it was August. Now it is supposed to be September. I still don’t see any activity back there. This is all because of city red tape. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before some company files a lawsuit against the city for their capricious approach to approving building projects.

I look forward to that day so the city fathers realize that they cannot impede one company while they provide smooth sailing to a different company. I guess it depends on who you know when it comes to getting building approval in Bozeman.

Stephen Geiger