Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the Republican logo. It’s no longer fitting. For years the elephant suggested a strong memory. But Republicans have forgotten they once embraced fiscal conservatism, Christian values and constitutional protection. I’m here to help. Feel free to adopt one of these:

Ostrich with head in the sand: Rather than address the real problems we face, Republicans ignore climate change, Russian election meddling, and mass shootings — more panicked about imaginary threats from Mexico than actual rising seas, burning rain forests or vanishing glaciers.

Pinocchio: If you support a leader who lies (a lot) you’re a party that’s lost grasp of honesty. When your primary source of information isn’t straight with facts, you make poor decisions; and be honest, you aren’t sure if I’m referring to your newscast of choice or your president, are you?

Hippo: Symbolizing the hypocrisy throughout the party like criticizing Obama but not Trump for the amount of time spent golfing. Or clamoring for Obama’s birth certificate but not Trump’s tax returns. You pray for mass shooting victims but turn your Christian eyes from refugee children caged and separated from their parents. I could go on.

Raised middle finger: No, it doesn’t mean “We’re number one.” In fact, please stop chanting that right now. America’s far from the leader in countless categories: education (27th), life expectancy (42nd), and health care (worst among developed nations). But we are first when it comes to child deaths by firearms. Rather, the middle finger perfectly represents Republican policy on climate change; your attitude toward veterans (remember Trump’s despicable treatment of McCain) — the finger given to farmers, ranchers and consumers in the form of tariffs — or blue-collar workers waiting to see those overseas jobs returned as promised.

But please, not the elephant. They're honorable.

John Johanek