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I was the first caller with a question for Rep. Gianforte during his virtual town hall last week. I asked: What is your plan to address the federal debt exploding by over $4 trillion this year? The Medicare Trust Fund was already going to become insolvent in six years and Social Security benefits would have to be reduced by 21% effective in 15 years before the virus-economic collapse.

Our congressman said he believes the federal budget can be balanced in seven years. He believes there was an initial overreaction to the virus pandemic, which created a worse economic pandemic. He believes the way out is to achieve herd immunity, which he defined as having the majority of the population immune due to having survived the virus.

How can the federal budget be balanced in seven years without major cuts in entitlements if taxes are not increased? In part by letting the virus have its way. Achieving herd immunity would result in survival of the fittest. We would have a younger stronger more vibrant workforce. Life expectancy would be reduced, thus eliminating demand for Medicare and Social Security benefits.          

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John A. Noreika, Sr.