The bottom line on climate change is an increase in temperatures throughout the world. Some areas may experience normal or below normal temperatures at times, but global temperature records are being set throughout the world.

The largest temperature changes are occurring near the polar caps. The Artic region has pushed into an entirely new climate. The last six years have been the warmest Alaska has experienced since record keeping began there in 1952. Highs in Alaska this July expected to average 10F to 20F above normal for this time of the year.

A record-setting heatwave recently swept across Europe, a region with some of the longest-kept temperature records in the world. Numerous studies have shown that the odds of extreme heat events, as well as their severity and duration, are dramatically increasing due to human-caused global warming. The world’s top five warmest years on record have occurred since 2014, and it is almost certain that 2019 will be added to this list, according to NOAA and NASA.

Countries that have seen record temperatures in 2019 include Angola, Australia, France, Poland, Germany, Russia and Vietnam. The Earth began warming due to human-caused increases in CO2 emissions generated by the Industrial Revolution beginning in the 1850s. Today greenhouse gas concentrations in the air are at the highest level in 3 million years.

Those who deny climate change are not basing their beliefs on scientific research and weather records that began in 1880. Their rationalization is that coping with climate change will adversely affect the economy, and they do not want to make that investment. They live for the here and now and are not concerned about the future. The stock market means more to them personally than the health of the planet that they and their children live on.

Jack Davis