Arrogance. Ignorance. Greed. Power. These are the values of the Trump administration. And now Trump has turned his vile gaze on the Endangered Species Act. This landmark conservation law, signed by Republican President Nixon in 1973, has a 99% success rate at saving animals and plants from extinction.

Bald eagle? Check. Whooping crane? Check. Peregrine falcon? Grizzly bear? American alligator? Check, check, check. The Trumpers are working overtime to gut the ESA, denying the role of climate change as a threat to wildlife and making it easier for oil and gas companies to drill in critical habitat. I guess the UN’s recent warning that one million species of life are at risk of extinction is just another Chinese hoax aimed at ruining our economy.

Add the ESA to the list of laws that Trump is shredding at the behest of his corrupt business pals. Laws proven to work and used effectively for generations. Laws that grew from the very real 1960s and 1970s environmental crises of burning rivers, polluted cities, disappearing wildlife and poisoned lakes. Trump is tearing down the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Migratory Bird Act and dozens of other measures designed to assure a healthy future for life in America and on Earth.

Clearly Trump and his cronies like Sen. Steve Daines and Congressman Greg Gianforte do not care about your future or the survival of other species. As if we can divorce human life from the fate of the Earth. Money is their god and their religion. You have to wonder, do Republicans still have souls? Or have they sold them off to the highest bidder?

Phil Knight