It is still not possible to have that "well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state" without knowing the backgrounds of the potential members.

Apparently this year we have already found 255 persons who would not be suitable for a "well-regulated militia." There must be a better way of vetting them. The lobbying of the NRA for the gun industry has eliminated investigations by the CDC, which may have made it possible to spot people who should not have guns before they kill a bunch of innocent people.

Perhaps one of the ways this could be accomplished would be by requiring that like cars, trucks, airplanes, etc., liability insurance is a requirement for purchase of a gun. Then insurance could do background checks like they do for car insurance. The NRA might even use the money they get from Russia to start insurance instead of rating down legislators who would like to do more than thoughts and prayers for all the killed and wounded by our own terrorists with guns.

This insurance could reflect the potential hazard of certain types of arms and offer discounts for gun safes, etc. Your home owners insurance probably already has it.

John F. Maloney