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There are a lot of candidates running this election season, but one you definitely need to check out is Raph Graybill who is running for attorney general. His campaign is based on pocketbook issues everyday Montanans are concerned about.

Raph is the only candidate talking about how corporations manipulate health care and drug prices and how as attorney general he will hold them accountable, putting money back in our pockets. He will also defend the ACA, end confusing medical billing, and protect those with pre-existing conditions.

A Great Falls native, Raph has built his career on advocacy and is currently Gov.  Bullock’s chief legal counsel. He has fought in court for public land and public access in our state and won. He’s taken on big tobacco and won. He even took the Trump administration to court over dark money and won.

We need a real advocate in the attorney general’s office who isn’t afraid to fight for Montanans. Raph has built an inclusive statewide campaign that can win in November. He has my full support and I encourage you to vote for Raph Graybill on June 2.

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Joe Hancock