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Grandparents are part of the family nucleus. They are the "keepers" of the family’s history. Children are very fortunate if they have two sets of grandparents.

They are an intricate part of a child’s life.  

There is a Montana Supreme Court ruling that says grandparents can be cut completely out of the grandchildren’s life if the parents choose to do this, for whatever reason. I believe this is unhealthy for the whole family unit.

We as grandparents need to ban together to get this Supreme Court ruling changed. I am sure, in some cases there may be good reason for this, and of course, there are exceptions.

I grew up in an era in the late ‘30s and '40s, where grandparents were basically part of the family. I even knew my great grandparents for a time. I lived with my paternal grandfather and grandmother for three years.

Time with my grandparents are a very important part of my life and the history that goes all the way back to Italy is preserved through my memories, pictures and information. That is just one side, my gather’s. I know my mother’s history also.

I work around a lot of kids and have for a long time, and those that do not know their family’s history, have a disconnection that they long for. Now with DNA testing, it is a lot easier.

Please look into this ruling and let those in our state representatives know that this law is not good for children or families.

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Jeanette Auteri